topical areas

collaboration Discussion about what makes for successful or unsuccessful collaborations between methodologists and subject matter researchers (e.g., between statisticians and clinical researchers), or between methodologists in different areas (e.g., between epidemiologists and statisticians) peer review Approaches to peer review, especially for medical journals biomarker research Designing, conducting, and interpreting biomedical biomarker studies and quantifying the added value of new biomarkers epidemiology Epidemiology, especially related to particular epidemiologic studies and study designs cardiology Cardiology and cardiology clinical practice and decision making involving data health policy Health policy research, and data-related issues in health policy diagnosis Medical diagnosis: quantifying accuracy, designing diagnostic accuracy studies, measuring the yield of diagnostic tests, developing diagnostic risk models psychology Experimental design and data analysis in psychology, and reproducibility cancer Cancer research and clinical decision making involving data nutrition Nutrition research including nutritional epidemiology drug development Science of drug development, regulatory science, development portfolio, economics, bias, global experimental design strategy emergency medicine Data-related issues in emergency medicine research health services research Health services research, outcomes research, risk adjustment, and provider profiling
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