What are credible priors and what are skeptical priors?

Hi @Will thank you for responding, I hope I don’t come across as bashful, rather I am just trying to seek understanding and as my background isn’t in statistics I find myself having to repeat myself to try and get clarity.

I find the whole thing very interesting, on one hand there seems to be a changing of MBI by Daniel and Janet. Which to me is weird if there is nothing wrong with MBI that has been used in the past. But on another hand it seems as though people are saying there is something wrong with MBI hence the need for a change based on feedback from Sander, Daniel and Janet.

Thank you for showing your points of disagreement as well I think that’s important for researchers like myself to see that even just using the default spreadsheets lots of other decisions are tied into it which sometimes I might disagree with.

Here’s an update on magnitude-based decisions (MBD).

Janet Aisbett, Daniel Lakens and Kristin Sainani have coauthored a manuscript “Magnitude Based Inference in Relation to One-sided Hypotheses Testing Procedures”, which is available as a preprint at the SportRxiv server. (I don’t seem to be allowed to provide the link in this message. Will try in another message below.) I understand the manuscript has been submitted to Journal of Sports Sciences. Alan Batterham and I did not end up as coauthors, because we could not agree with the recommendations to drop the Bayesian interpretation, to drop multiple alpha levels, and to drop the MBD method of sample-size estimation.

I have written an article “Magnitude-Based Decisions as Hypothesis Tests”, which is now open for post-publication peer review at Sportscience https://sportsci.org. There is also an in-brief item “Moving Forward with Magnitude-Based Decisions”, which explains the background to developments in the past year and provides a shorter plain-language comparison of MBD and NHST along with relevant updates to resources at the Sportscience site. The article has a comprehensive summary, and there is also a slideshow that summarizes the main issues.

It would be great to have some constructive discourse on MBD, either here or via post-publication comments at sportsci.org, but preferably not via abusive tweets. Thanks.


Here’s the link to Aisbett et al. at the SportRxiv server: https://osf.io/preprints/sportrxiv/pn9s3/