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I haven’t thought of a community-created question vote. Do you have a link to an example that looks like what you envisioning? Are there approaches other than Reddit (which I’ve never used)?

What little I just saw about discord is that it seems to be made for voice-heavy communication.

I have not seen examples of a class/lecture structure. But they routinely run “ask me anything” (AMA) series. You are free to create a BBR reddit meant for class use. It would be public and no guarantee of registered users only I think. I’m not sure how moderation works in Reddit.

i had that impression too because it said it’s used by gamers, but i’m seeing some academics refer to their discord server on their blog or reddit I’m quite out of the loop though

For reddit wouldn’t it be the case that those posing questions or voting on questions would need to be signed on with reddit? That may be a hindrance from participation.

true, same with discord. I guess the idea of someone moderating the Qs will work best in the end, ie they just pick a few choice Q’s appearing on the youtube feed that they pass onto you live (because everyone has a google account)

Makes sense. And my understanding is that you can watch live streaming (and use chat?) without a google account. I think you just need to have an account to comment underneath the video window.

that’s right, ie you need an account to engage in chat, otherwise you can view the live stream + chat. You might want to send out the link for the live stream once it’s up eg via twitter, although it should be easy to find at the youtube link already provided

@f2harrell On the BBR course website ( you suggest that novices should read The Art of Statistics before the course and study The Analysis of Biological Data simultaneous to the course. Would you please be able to make some recommendations as to which portions of The Analysis of Biological Data you’d recommend one review for the course on a per-session basis?

First I would read The Art of Statistics then read sections of ABD that are marked in the margins of the course notes.


Do we need to download both R Studio Desktop and R Studio Server?

The Art of Statistics is an easy read, very well written, and hits concepts & principles without getting into the weeds of any complex math. I had no problem reading a chapter or two per night, and it wasn’t a chore. It’d be Back to Basics for many of you, no doubt, but you’ll rarely find things set out with such clarity. A great North Star of guidance.


Not specifically for this course, but for your own use you may want to install R and the regular RStudio desktop.

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I would love to discuss longitudinal models as a solution to using change in Y.

Posting this just as a reminder where the discussion board is for this video:

i think we should discuss it here?: BBR Session 1: Biostatistics, Measurements, Optimum Y


For now I’m speaking of the case where Y_{0} is a baseline measurement, so the problem is inherently univariate.

And if possible ,a few random questions as well, along with most frequently asked

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