Cdisc in academia

I’m wondering if anyone uses cdisc principles (mainly SDTM and ADAM) in their analyses outside of industry? I can see the value in standardising variable names, attributes, etc and am interested in the utility in academia. I am interested in learning a little more about it but have to say that any material you find online is almost exclusively to do with SAS (not surprising), but hopefully there might be more of an R influence in this area over time.


good Q. I have not seen it in academia. Maybe they do in a very large ARO like Duke Clinical Research Institute where i think they have dedicated SAS programmers. Industry is moving a little towards R so i think you can find some papers on CDISC + R, see the Phuse working groups maybe. I recently worked in academia in canada and norway and they had no standards at all. An ARO that is responsible for conducting clinical trials is much more likely to have SOPs and data standards

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