Forest Plot reading-confusion

Hi everyone, I need your help. I am doing a meta-analysis using RevMan 5.3 software. I used 3 studies as my data. The study is to investigate the effect of the Flipped classroom as an experimental group vs traditional teaching method as control group. Each study mentions Flipped classroom is more effective. In the data entry, experimental group is on the left column, and control on the right. When the data is entered, Forest Plot shows more favored toward the control group. I left all setting defaults. Why it doesn’t show experimental as favored in the output as each study shows experimental group is better? I am confused with Forest Plot. Please explain it. I thought, experimental group should be in favor particularly in this case. Here is the graph:


Looks like you have entered the experimental group as control and vice versa. The plot shows the mean differences of 1.8, 4.2 and 0.5, and that corresponds to higher values in the Experimental group.

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Thanks. I am not sure. The experimental and control column is automatically set, and I think I put data at the corresponding column.