Including Special Content

The site allows participants to include a variety of information in their posts and replies. Here are a few of them.

Links to Web Resources

Use the notation [link description](https://...) as rendered here: R2

When sharing a large number of files, you may want to link to, for example, the base directory of a Github repository.


Use \LaTeX notation surrounded by $ ... $, e.g., $\alpha_{3} + \beta X^{3}$ to get \alpha_{3} + \beta X^{3}.


To use a special font for software components, surround the name in single back ticks. To include a code block, put a line containing three backticks by themselves before and after the code block, as was done here.

x <- 3  # this is a comment

You can also put > (greater than following by blank) before each line as was done here:

x ← 3
y ← 2 # a comment

You can also highlight a block of code and click on the block quote icon to insert the two characters.


See this tutorial.

Attaching Files

Click on Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 9.00.53 AM

You can upload image files, html, pdf, and R binary rds files. Here are two example uploaded files.

r2.html (10.1 KB)
condprob.pdf (45.1 KB)