ISCHEMIA trial details

I am interested in the details of the ISCHEMIA trial. I understand that there is no plan for a preprint, and we will learn the details in 2020, although we know the headline(s) now.

Yesterday, I tried to explain the study to medical students, and I stopped mid-sentence and explained that although the results are known, there is no written record of the study’s conduct and results in a form I can refer them to and won’t be until 2020.

I think this may be ‘more of a comment than a question.’



There is a page here:

that has some videos and links to related documents, including the full slide deck PDF for the presentation itself:

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Thank you, Dr. Schwartz. It’s a very scattered, fragmented experience trying to understand this study without a preprint or other written report, but the resources you’ve provided are better than not having them. I am grateful that you shared them.


First, Marc is fine, as I am neither an MD nor a PhD.

Additional information on the study which you may find helpful, including protocol versions, and other documents are available from:

and there is the entry here:

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That’s helpful–thank you very much, Marc.

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I assume that you’ve seen the published rationale and trial design paper?
here, by Maron et al