Plotting curves from a multi-state survival model

I am using survival library to fit multi-state models. I get the output from the survfit object as a matrix and then using the subscripts of survfit I can plot the curves. Such as plot(aalen1[1,2:3]). I know about survminer and ggsurvplot() function and tried it but it gives me error “arguments imply different number of rows”. I am not sure if survminer can not be used for multi-state models. the survival library curves are not very nice. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Have you also tried the ggcompetingrisks() function? I’m not familiar with these myself, but if I look at the explanation here:

It should be able to deal with multi-state models.

Otherwise, there is a tutorial where the author gives some indication how you might create plots for multiple states yourself:

Thanks. It looks relevant. I had come across this before but haven’t spend much time on it to figure out correct way to plot the multi-state model curves.