R packages for learning analysing data collected from different designs


I may ask a board/strange question.

I would like to know whether someone has a list of R packages for preprocessing/analysing data collected from different study designs, RCT, cohort…

Thank you very much any possible help.

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That question is too broad. Please edit it to ask specific questions.

Here are some data sets: An R Package Of Medical Data For Teaching • medicaldata

And here is a blog post analyzing one of the data sets: Avishai M Tsur: Reproducing the results of an RCT

Thanks Professor Harrell. I know. I simply do not how to phrase it. One fellow suggested a package of medical data. It seems that it is more about RCT. There must be others… I hope more discussion will evolve.

Thanks for your help. There must be other R packages for learning other study designs. I know “survey” can be used to learn how to analyze survey data and is useful for causal inference… It would be interesting that we end up having a collection about this topic.

Data is almost always included in packages that apply specific/specialised analysis methods – for example, the survival package includes example data sets that are use survival analysis methods.

One way to see these is to view the CRAN “Task View” page (CRAN Task Views) but again this is organised by analytical tools, rather than applied domains.

Dear James

Thank you very much for your recommendation.

You are right. We can look up the cran list. A problem with R is that some of the so-call packages are indeed wrappers. I would like to gather the user experience from the peer to find out which package is good for RCT, which package is good for Survey study,… causal inference…

I agree with Professor Harrell that my question is very board. Each study has its own data problems. Professor Harrell’s Hmisc is great for handling many data problems including missing data, and his RMS is great for regression problem… I would like to know at least one good package for analysing data for each study design.

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