Textbook Recommendations for Clinical Trials

Hello all,

Can someone please suggest textbooks on Clinical Trials? Preferably those that are used in graduate level biostatistics courses.


For clinical trials in general I am a big fan of Stephen Senn’s “Statistical Issues in Drug Development”: https://www.wiley.com/en-us/Statistical+Issues+in+Drug+Development,+2nd+Edition-p-9780470018774

For Bayesian early phase I/II designs I like Yuan, Ngyuen and Thall’s “Bayesian Designs for Phase I-II Clinical Trials”: https://www.amazon.com/Bayesian-Designs-Clinical-Chapman-Biostatistics-ebook/dp/B078N65NW9


i like piantadosi’ Clinical Trials: A Methodologic Perspective because he is a biostat and an MD: http://www.dfhcc.harvard.edu/insider/member-detail/member/steven-piantadosi-md-phd/


All great suggestions, thanks all.

Agree. Used this as a reference text in a graduate course for many years. Joe Pater

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