Using Spearman correlation for Parametric Data

As for ease of application of the statistical test, I thought of applying Spearman correlation to all my variables since 13 out of 17 variables are non-parametric. would that affect my results ?

Parametric and nonparametric refer to types of statistical procedures, not to data. See this for information about types of variables.

Beware of doing that many tests.

Nonparametric methods such as Spearman’s \rho rank correlation work fine for interval-scaled data. There is no need to switch between parametric and nonparametric methods.

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Thanks for pointing out the difference, so spearman can be an appropriate correlation test for non normally distributed scale data, am I getting the fact right?

Spearman is great for normally distributed data as well as for non-normally distributed data that are at least ordinal in scale.

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