Wish item: URL Links to open in new tabs


I appreciate this site as a great resource! So, this is just something that can perhaps be added on a wish list to better the site.

It would be nice if links posted on the forums open in new tabs as opposed to taking users away from datamethods, so one can follow the link as well as read through the discussion thread if it is a long one.

Thank you

but you can just press ctrl and mouse click to open in new tab?

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Ctrl click or right click are the preferred methods. If you want you can go into your user settings to select the box to always open links in a new tab. We don’t get a count of how often a link is opened when you do that though.

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i wonder if they can add a share button for linkedin? i tried pasting the link to a topic but it doesnt show the meta-data (title, image or whatever). cheers