Any connection between Ridit Analysis and Wilcoxon Test?


My question is vague. Ridit analysis is a new term to me. I don’t use Wilcoxon Test to a practical level. I feel that they are connected in some way. Any help to resolve my curiosity is very much appreciated.

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According to this post, the Ridit score and Wilcoxon statistic are directly related.

They link to a paper that explains the relationship to the Wilcoxon:

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Thanks for your help again. My intuition was right. Perhaps I got it from: If You Like the Wilcoxon Test You Must Like the Proportional Odds Model | Statistical Thinking. Maybe, I have not seen the literature long enough. It does not seem that Ridit Analysis is widely used. If my observation is right, then it is strange, as it is connected with Wilcoxon Test.