Executable Specification of Dose Escalation Oncology Protocol now on Arxiv

I still have to read the paper, but @davidcnorrismd and the computer scientist Markus Triska, have published a paper demonstrating the properties of a clinical trial design using one of my favorite computing languages ā€“ Prolog. This is a wonderful intersection of medicine, statistics, and computing science.

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Many thanks for highlighting this, Robert! Iā€™m glad to know we share an interest in Prolog, too! Iā€™d be happy to do an AMA, for anyone interested in this paper. I am in fact hard at work these days on a category-theoretic formulation of dose-escalation trial designs aiming:

  1. to exhibit certain ethical shortcomings of these designs as [what is known in CT as] a universal property, and
  2. to embed dose escalation within a larger class of dose-titration designs that transcend these shortcomings.

Prolog remains my experimental tool of choice for these investigations.

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Speaking of category theory, there is an interesting dissertation that puts statistical models in a category theoretic context that will make it easier to compare and contrast traditional statistical models with machine learning. I am wondering how long it will take someone to use this framework to address some of the questions @f2harrell has asked in some of his ML vs Stats posts.

The video is likely to be abstract nonsense to those not familiar with terminology from category theory (Iā€™m certainly no expert), but I post it for completeness.

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